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Children’s Brown Reversible Satin Bonnet

Children’s Brown Reversible Satin Bonnet

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Product Description

Treat your little one's hair right with our Children’s Reversible Satin Bonnet. Featuring a double-layered design for extra protection and a silky-smooth finish. With one size fits all, it also provides a gentle and relaxed sizing ensuring a more comfortable fit. Keep your children’s hair healthy and manageable with our Reversible Satin Bonnets. Made with satin fabric it prevents frizzing and breakage, helping to promote hair growth. An essential item for any children’s hair care routine.

You’ll Love it

The silky smooth material prevents breakage by acting a barrier against your hair & harsh fabrics.

A great feature of satin is, it helps to retaining the hairs natural oils.

The gentle textures and sleek finish help preserve your hairstyles and reduce frizz.

Material & Size

Material: Satin
Size: Children’s Standard (Medium)
Bonnet Style: Original Satin Bonnet
Colour: Brown
Quantity: One

Care Guide

We recommend you wash your satin bonnet and allow it to fully dry before use. Doing so will help prevent fabric colour transfer caused by friction between fabrics fibres, which can lead to the release of dye.

Our satin bonnets are intended to be used on dry hair. If hair is wet, damp or has excessive oils this can lead to colour bleeding with other textile fabrics.

Wash similar colours together to prevent colour run. Wash with cool or cold water. Our satin bonnets can be machine or hand washed.

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