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We're on a break...

I took a short hiatus from the business at the end of August and honestly I didn’t know when or even if I was going to return. Burn out is real boii! The solopreneur/entrepreneurship is hard work but the payoff is worth it.

They grow up so quick

A few months ago my good friends lil girl (not so little now she’s in High School) asked me about starting a business because she had ideas of her own. I was actually so honoured to sit down and have this chat with her. We spoke about materials, costs, margins, we identified the customer and how they're going to purchase and receive the goods.


It was safe to say this chat was an eye opener into how much effort it takes to just start something. I’m actually really proud of myself for even starting, for growing a business & developing products. But one thing I’ll never neglect is self. Taking time out isn’t a sign of failure or weakness. My time helped me to reflect, it helped me to focus and put better practices in place to make running my business much more efficient. My time allowed me to focus on self; me, myself & I. Hi I'm Sher owner and founder of Sher Naturel Ltd. A handmade satin bonnet business from right here in the UK.


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