Satin Bonnet vs Satin Pillow Cover: Which product is right for you

Satin Bonnet vs Satin Pillow Cover: Which product is right for you

Sounds good, now which one should you choose?

The installation and removal of both products is effortless and this is due to their construction. Our customers have commented at how comfortable our bonnets are and have been amazed at their ability to stay in place during the night. We currently create two types of satin bonnets; the Original Satin Bonnet which is a reversible satin bonnet with a fixed elastic headband and an Adjustable Satin Bonnet with an adjustable drawstring elastic. Whilst both variations provide two layers of satin for extra protection, they also have a few differences, which are customers seem to be enjoying.


Our Satin Pillow Covers are can be described as elasticated fitted pillow covers with no zips or envelope closures. Growing increasingly popular amongst those who want to try something different when it comes to hair care. Our satin pillow covers are a popular choice for gift giving and travel options and we’ve seen our former bonnet lovers turn to the pillow covers for special occasions. It’s fair to say these are two great products, which one will you choose? We’ll leave that one up to you.


This is an interesting one, since launching the business we’ve noticed people’s preferences differ when choosing between a Satin Bonnet or a Satin Pillow Cover. Although both products are made from satin, we use two different types for each product. The selection of fabric has been a lengthy process and we’ve sampled quite a few variations along the way.


Our satin bonnets are made from light weight material which allows the reversible feature to maintain high levels of comfort. These satins are also non stretch with a silky-smooth liquid effect, which makes them ideal for our satin bonnets. When it comes to making our satin pillow covers, we use a heavier and more luxurious satin which has an elegant matt sheen. Although a crisper feel, this still boasts the silky-smooth texture our customers love. The qualities of this fabric enables us to use one layer of high performing satin to protect your hair while you sleep.



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